Cost benefits

If you drive in alpine areas regularly, it makes good financial sense to purchase snow tyres. You’ll extend the life of your summer tyres, reduce the accident risk and potential of damage to your vehicle and, importantly, increase the safety of you and your passengers.

By purchasing a set of Nokian winter tyres and using them for the 4 winter months:

  • you’ll make the vehicle safer
  • your vehicle will perform as the manufacturer intended in snow and icy conditions, and
  • you’ll effectively extend the life of your original tyres by 4 months a year.

Extend the life of your summer tyres

While Nokian winter tyres are generally a little more expensive than summer tyres, it’s worth bearing in mind that although you have to pay for an additional set of tyres, both sets will last longer. The tyres can be changed over by your local tyre service at the start and end of each snow season.

If there is a snow chain clearance issue with the tyres supplied with your vehicle an alternative is to have another set of wheels for your snow tyres that can easily be changed at the start and at the end of each ski season. By upgrading your vehicle, with the fitting of snow tyres for the ski season, your family and other road users will be safer as you will dramatically improve the driving, traction and braking of your vehicle whether snow chains are fitted or not.

Invest in your peace of mind

Driving in hazardous winter snow and icy conditions can be stressful – for the driver themselves, or for you when a family member is out driving. With Nokian winter tyres you can reduce that stress.

The design of our snow tyres ensures that you’ll reduce the risk of a traffic incident on alpine roads. You can rest assured knowing that the tyres will allow the vehicle to perform as the manufacturer intended it to. Remember that no matter how many safety features your vehicle has, it’s the tyres that determine how it drives and handles on snow and ice.

Reduce the risk of accidents

The safety of you, your passengers and other people on our roads is paramount. And there are significant costs of having an accident on our alpine roads.

It might result in significant injury or affect your confidence as a driver. You might need to cover repair costs or maintenance on your vehicle. It might even increase your insurance premiums or reduce the resale value of your vehicle. All things considered, if you’re driving in alpine areas regularly and want to reduce the risk of an accident, the cost of winter tyres suddenly seems very reasonable.

Help your vehicle perform as the manufacturer intended

You’ve invested in a vehicle with various safety features (ABS, traction control or ESC for example), but remember it’s the tyres that determine how it drives and handles on snow and ice. Driving in winter conditions with the correct tyres enables these safety features to work as they were designed to do.

What’s more, driving with correct winter tyres, with the load and speed rating that is listed in the vehicle owners manual or on the vehicle tyre placard, will not void your insurance if you have a claim.