Fact or fiction

It’s not always easy to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to snow tyres. Countless drivers believe AWD/4WD cancels the need for snow tyres. AWD/4WD helps the vehicle accelerate on snow and ice, but when it comes to stopping or turning it is the tyres that make the difference, not the drivetrain.

Dispelling some snow tyre myths

  • Summer tyres are good enough for driving in winter snow conditions in Australia.

    Snow tyres, and only snow tyres, increase the grip between your vehicle and the road in snow and icy conditions. So, whether you have two wheel drive or four, a light vehicle or a heavy SUV, a truck, minivan or sportscar, the only way to make it grip better onto cold pavement, snow, slush and ice, is to install snow tyres.

  • Snow tyres are noisy.

    Non-studded snow tyres are slightly louder than regular tyres, but by no means offensive. Please contact us if you’d like to find out the external rolling noise levels in decibels for any of the Nokian snow tyres.

  • Snow tyres are more expensive.

    Nokian snow tyres are cost-competitive with other premium tyre brands. Our customers truly feel the added safety and high quality is worth the investment. You can learn more about this on our Cost benefits page.

  • I have a four-wheel drive, so I don’t need snow tyres.

    No transmission system or electronic controls are an alternative for snow tyres. In the winter, four-wheel drive can help get your vehicle going, but it won’t help when trying to stop. There’s only one way to increase that level of wintertime grip, and it’s by adding snow tyres.

  • Snow tyres are only for snow.

    While the rubber compounds that go into snow tyres keep them flexible in temperatures below 7°C, Nokian All-Weather tyres offer first-class safety, high performance and durability for year-round use. This flexibility lets tyres provide better vehicle handling and stopping, even when there is no snow but temperatures are relatively low. View our Nokian WR SUV 3 to learn more about All-Weather tyres.

Like to know more?

In you’re interested in learning more about snow tyres, please read our FAQs or visit our Why snow tyres work page.