Severe conditions testing

Nokian Tyres dedicates at least half of the year to serious winter tyre testing. Braking, accelerating, handling tests, driving on a round circuit and up a steep hill on ice and snow again and again comes as a natural choice for the inventor of winter tyres.

Our Nokian snow tyres have also been accepted for severe snow conditions according to the ECE 117.02 snow test. Uncompromising testing demands an almost endless amount of repetition in constant conditions in order to obtain reliable results. Watch our video below to learn more about our testing processes.

See our testing in action

Ivalo Testing Centre “White Hell”

Nokian Tyres has its own testing centre spanning over 700 hectares in Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, to the north of the Arctic Circle. There, R&D and testing teams as well as test drivers put tyres to the test.

Truck tyres testing – Hakkapeliitta

In 2013 Nokian tested their Hakkapeliitta Truck tyres in Ivalo, focussing on the braking distance comparison from 75km/h on hard packed snow, a double lane change on ice at 54km/h and side by side acceleration on a 50m snow track. See the results for yourself.

Tractor tyre testing – Hakkapeliitta Tri

The Hakkapeliitta Tri is the first snow tyre for tractors. See what drivers thought of the experience at the launch event in Quebec, Canada in March 2015.